Shreya Singh

Executive Director

Shreya started The Menses Project after realizing the need for menstrual products in her family’s village in rural India. She came to the realization that menstrual inequity is a truly global issue when she started working on this passion project in Washington, DC in her local community through free clinics, transitional housing shelters, and community centers. Since then, she has grown the Menses Project into a nationwide program rooted in serving communities through culturally conscious, data-driven, accessible and adaptive programming.


Maria Esposito


Maria is a recent graduate of American University, where she studied Public Health with a focus on community health. In her academic career, she conducted community-based participatory research on D.C. homeless women and their access to menstrual hygiene products. Maria is truly excited to be working with the Menses Project and to play a role in building menstrual health equity.  

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